Best Friends And Country Life

This summer I and my daughter, Kaely (8 yr old), got to visit my dear friend, Diana Lister, at her home in Medon, Tennessee. It was an epic trip for me. Diana was concerned and even apologetic that there wasn’t enough to do where she lives. But if you are a city girl longing for the country, that is exactly your idea of a vacation! I however would love to recap my trip, so she can see exactly how much there WAS to do, and it was so wonderfully out of the norm for me and Kaely. First of all…


I got to have french press coffee, every morning, which I know was a labor of love, because it took like an hour! Ha ha. I also got to enjoy this yummy iced coffee, in the above picture. Then 2 times we got to go enjoy swimming in a lake at Chickasaw State Park. Which was awesome and we stopped by and visited this little cabin for a quick photo shoot.

20150610_181632 20150610_181809 20150610_182031 20150610_182134

We had a blast at the lake, especially when I whooped Ethan! That’s right E, I said it! Ha Ha HA Whah HAHAHAHAHAH! Then there was “the chickens” dun dun dun! Just kidding, I love chickens. In fact did I mention, I’m getting some myself next year! I’m getting chickens! Whoop Whoop! But anyways, here are some pics of Diana’s…

20150609_091119 20150609_091127 20150609_091320

Then there was this girl, right here


She was amazing! Such a beautiful voice and heart. I had a blast hanging out with Anna Lister and I’m so glad I was able to bless her with a kitty (now named Lacey) and I love how she made my Kaely girl feel so loved and at home!

Then there is this guy…

20150613_114011 20150607_180241

He taught me how to shoot 2 of his guns. Last time I shot a gun was at least 14 years ago. Not only did I get to shoot, I got to shoot at a home made explosive! Here is a video link 

And Here is a link of Kaely shooting a gun for the first time. 

Then there was Diana’s garden! I love her garden, because it inspires me to try new things. She isn’t afraid to, and that’s great because different things work better for different plants, regions, climates, times of year, etc. She actually has planted into hay bales! Check it out!

20150609_091551 20150609_091537 20150609_091145 20150609_091557

Kaely had a blast on the tire swing. I saw her get on it more that 20 times.

20150609_091644 20150609_145836

Maybe next time we can hang out at this place more…


Ahhhh, porch and coffee go hand in hand, don’t you think?! And as if all I showed wasn’t enough to convince you of how wonderful this trip was, there were animals and a great view, see…

20150611_213246 20150609_091103 20150610_184820 20150610_185301 20150610_185356

Those cows literally came to the fence to greet us. Not joking! It was so cute! So that was my trip in a nutshell. Filled with fun, country life, animals, HUGS (that I waited 5 years for), coffee, guns, and much more! Thank you Lister family for being awesome and giving us such a wonderful load of memories!