Chinese Five Color Peppers

As you can see Chinese five color get their name from the 5 different colors that they become. They start out purple, then turn cream, yellow, orange, and finally red. I had 4 on this plant, but I just had to pick one to share with a friend. But I have resisted trying them myself, so I could observe their changes. It is kinda exciting walking out and seeing the progression. But in retrospect I should have listened to Diana, and pulled all of the first buds off so my plants would have gotten bigger and produced more. I know the season isn’t over, and I’m hopeful, but if this is all I get, it will be my own fault. Oh well, live and learn. So, today I am going to go pick them. And I am seriously thinking to freeze all my peppers until I am ready to process. I froze my peppers my first year and they did amazingly. I am definitely going to do some research and see how I can get these plants to get bigger and produce more. My sister’s garden is going nuts! But her pepper plants are huge, however are just now starting to produce. While my plants are small, but produced a month ago. And my jalepenos and serranos have been going wild with peppers. I will definitely update this blog with more info. I’ll let you know the taste and my findings to improve my plants! Please be patient, it might not happen until tomorrow. But, I will conclude for now, that it took 3 years of me trying to get these peppers to grow, and it was worth it, even if just to observe the beautiful colors in the garden!


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