Hello world!

This is my first post. I decided to start a blog. Really it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. But, for some reason today seemed like the day. Dishes caught up, laundry caught up, embarking on a new adventure in freezer meals tomorrow. I guess I just feel like I have something to offer the world of bloggers and blog readers. So quick, about me… Just to kinda overview what you are getting yourself in to. I am a stay at home mommy of 3, ages 13, 10, and 8. I home school, and NOT in my opinion, wonderfully. It’s a learning process and I hope I get better at it, but I believe it’s my calling. Being a one income family, I have had to learn how to save money. Because as we know, money saved is money earned. I long to be the Proverbs 31 wife, but have a lot to learn. Something I hope to share is my journey. So often people share their successes, but they keep the journey to themselves. Because to share the journey is a vulnerable place. It means if you fail, others know it and they actually get to see it. I will share my successes, but I will also share my failures, and even the “middle”. As I recently heard a wonderful Pastor preach, “The middle is necessary. And the middle is the beginning of A destination (or ending)” – Scott Mayo (Executive Pastor, Bridge Church, Virginia Beach, VA). So, all this being said, I can’t wait to get to know you. And I hope we can learn and live abundant lives and enjoy each others journey!


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

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  2. Love your attitude!! congratulations on taking a brave leap into blogging. I’m excited for you to enjoy writing and meet this wonderful community of supportive writers and readers, especially fellow moms! I look forward to reading more!! 🙂


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